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  Nov. 29th, 2005 11:58 am
I went to see GOF Sunday evening and I have to say I rather liked it (of course I still like POA, but that's only because I'm a bitch for a pretty movie; I'd probably be angry with it if I cared overly much about plot). My favorite thing about it; Ginny. Lots of Ginny. And the twins. For almost no reason. But they were all excellent. And the twins were quite yummy. I had my two year old nephew with me, and he spent most of the time running around the theatre, so I missed a bit of the movie, but I'm going to wait for the DVD, because I don't feel like paying $8.25 to see it again.

I loved the graveyard scene, Ralph rocked my socks off; he does good crazy. The only problem I had with Voldemort was the eyes, but *shrugs* otherwise quite good. There wasn't enough Miranda. She was really fabulous, I wished they'd followed through with the plot point. Oh, and despite the touchy-feely H&H, I don't really see how people can think this movie was H/H. I mean, the thing that sealed it for me was the scene on the bridge. They were talking about Viktor and she said something about him being physical and Harry just grins.

Oh, and I liked the Yule Ball and how uncomfortable they all were. I especially liked the "discussion" between Ron and Hermione, with Harry between them. That was awesome.

But the thing I absolutely loved was the bath scene. It was wonderful. Myrtle was hilarious and so was Harry when he kept trying to keep the bubbles in front of him so she wouldn't be able to see anything. All in all, I liked it, but I wished I'd been able to pay more attention to it.


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