queenrikki: k (lois/clark)
queenrikki ([personal profile] queenrikki) wrote2009-05-09 03:25 am
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The Author Did Not Get It Wrong...

I have a belief which maybe sound weird considering how much I enjoy fanfiction. One thing that see often icons and essays that essentially say "the author got wrong". That both annoys and angers me. A person cannot get their own story wrong. There can be plot holes and other problems but just because a writer ends a story in a way that differs from what a reader wanted or expected doesn't mean they got it wrong. I've read lots of books and seen lots of movies and television shows that I would have done differently but I don't ever think that the writers were wrong. I understand that everyone has a different way of seeing a work and I know it looks different from the outside than it does from the inside. And I'm going to stop now because it's nearly four and I'm tired.

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