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queenrikki ([personal profile] queenrikki) wrote2009-05-03 05:30 am

First Dreamwidth Post

I can has Dreamwidth account and already it sucks less than LJ since I can actually post to it and read other people's journals (which I haven't been able to do on LJ for some weird reason).
Went to see the Wolverine movie because my six year old nephew wanted to (not entirely age appropriate but hell, he used to watch Torchwood with me so I can't really say anything). Let's just say it wasn't my favourite movie but it did have a few pluses, namely Gambit and Wade. But next time we go to the movies, I get to pick because my comic book loving self had fits.

Also, Wolverine? The character still tops my "Most Hated Fictional Characters" list. In fact, he inspired the list.