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  Feb. 12th, 2006 01:43 am
Dear Veronica Mars Fandom,

Stop Writing Logan/Veronica.

It's getting annoying.

Look, the creators practically give you slash on a platter and you ignore it.

You have like the cutest pair evil geniuses ever and you ignore them.

You have excellent adult characters with complex histories and you ignore them.

For what?

Smaltzy crap about two characters, who if they were reading the garbage you write would laugh at you.

Yes they would, because neither of them is very nice.

What is wrong with you? It's a shame that I can find a hundred stories about LoVe *chocks back vomit*, but only a few that deal with Logan's relationship with his father? You get one guess which one I would find more interesting. I've yet to see a story that deals with what occurred between Celeste and Duncan after Veronica ran away in ATTTD. You can't tell me that wouldn't have been interesting. (Note: I'm in a bad mood and I am ranting. I'm generally much calmer and I'll probably regret the wording of both this and the previous post later. But not tonight).



(Just so I don't sound like a hypocrite, I am actually working on stories that deal with the things I complained about, so it's not like I'm not doing anything about it).
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  Feb. 12th, 2006 01:24 am
Listen you silly children writing this idiotic drivel and then labeling it AU. Stop it. Now.



Do it.

It makes you look silly and it makes me want to throttle you. Changing cannon details just because you like your version better isn't a good thing. If there isn't a reason for the difference, it won't make any sense (although if you're writing this crap, you probably don't care). If you're writing a HP fic and decide that you want Lily to have been in to have survived that night, fine. But you should follow the logic from cannon. Lily died because she wouldn't move aside for Voldemort. If she's still alive in your world, then it follows that Harry probably isn't. If you are writing a VM fic and Lilly didn't die, you have to explain why. You can't just say "Lilly's alive" and have anything make sense! If you have Logan and Veronica hookup in middle school instead of Lilly and Logan (as stupid as that is) explain why. If you have Bill break up with Fleur,you should give a reason other than you dislike the character. There has to be a difference between that universe and the one that was presented in cannon. "Because I like it that way" isn't a good reason. It isn't even a real reason, you petulant, self-indulgent ninnies.

Okay. I think I've gotten that all out. God I hate people sometimes.


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